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West Yorkshire Medic Response Team was formed as an independent charity in 2009, having previously been in operation since 2005 as a subsidiary of St. John Ambulance (South & West Yorkshire). The scheme enjoys a close working relationship with Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS). A board of trustees is responsible for the management of the charity.

We operate shifts predominantly on weekend nights and are available to respond to serious incidents such as road traffic accidents, shootings, stabbings, impalements, falls from height, cardiac arrests and fires.

The trauma team

Our trauma team comprises a doctor, specially trained in pre-hospital medical care, working alongside a paramedic or emergency medical technician. All our team members have day-jobs in the NHS and give their time free of charge to work for the charity. Our doctors have backgrounds in various medical specialties including emergency medicine, general practice, anaesthetics and intensive care medicine.

The trustees

Meet the trustees

We are a registered charity, and so are accountable for the costs and operations of the organisation.

The charity is managed by trustees and a co-ordinator who meet on a regular basis to shape operational policy, consider risk mitigation and plan for future development. Click the button on the left to meet the Trustees.

The XC70

Our Volvo XC70 response vehicle enables us to cover large distances and difficult terrain to respond to incidents throughout the urban and rural environments of West Yorkshire and, on occasions, beyond. State of the art on-board communications equipment allows direct tasking of the team by the YAS Emergency Operations Centre, for the quickest possible response time.

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The UK concept of pre-hospital care originated in North Yorkshire during the 1960s, and was championed by the late Dr Kenneth Easton OBE. Doctors, typically working in rural areas, recognised a need to work alongside ambulance services to support the care of critically ill and injured patients.

As pre-hospital care became more widespread throughout the UK, there emerged an extension of these critical care principles to urban areas. Timely delivery of immediate care could now be matched to the patient’s point of need.

Help us save lives

All our workers are volunteers, giving their time and expertise free of charge. But we urgently need your help to cover our running costs and specialist equipment.

You can donate now by debit / credit card, all transactions are processed securely by PayPal.

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