Most members of the Scheme gain immense satisfaction in knowing that advanced skills, normally undertaken in hospital, can benefit the patient at their point of immediate need. Experienced pre-hospital care doctors work alongside more junior members of the Scheme to aid the development of key knowledge and practical skills.

Across the UK, doctors who are members of the British Association of Immediate Care (BASICS) are on-call for their local ambulance service to assist at the scenes of accidents. Within West Yorkshire, a group of doctors provide cover twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, responding to dispatch requests from Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS).

Under supervised training and mentorship, the WYMRT Scheme provides the basis for doctors wanting to join the YAS-BASICS rota. In this way, operational experience and continuing professional development can be effectively facilitated.

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Previous members have gone on to work in other areas of pre-hospital care, including with London’s Air Ambulance ("London HEMS"), the British Armed Forces and BASICS teams around the UK. The Scheme is proud to be able to offer the structured support and training to enable doctors to develop their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the wider public.